Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dazzle Poses and January Rewards

Hi guys!

Today, I am releasing a new pose set, and a new picks rewards gift was set out for January.

I call these Dazzle poses, and were originally made for picture taking with focus on jewelry. But I've found they work well for everything too. ^^

The picks rewards this month is 3 poses that are meant to be with a rose. If you've kept Imperial Elegance in your picks, just come and touch the sign. If you've removed my store, you'll have to add it again, and wait up to 48 hours - then come touch the sign. (Make sure your profile is set to "Show in Search"!) :D

~~ Sai Pennell

In-World Location: -= Imperial Elegance =-, Glenn (158, 219, 27)

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