Thursday, July 8, 2010

Revamping Sale!

Hi guys!

[ImpEle] Revamping Sale!

One word: SALE! I'm redoing my vendor ads, putting together a new pose pack, new group gift, a new picks rewards, and redoing a lot of things with [ImpEle], which I am very excited about.

So, I'm holding a littel "Revamping Sale", which will run from now until July 12th. How big is the sale? The biggest I've had yet!

Pose sets are - $50L for the 12 pose set.
Individual poses are $5L each.
Discount pose sets are $10L for the 12 pose set.
Individual discount poses are only $1L each.
Couple's poses are $5L each.

Now is definitely the time to grab whichever poses you are missing! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pose Fair 2010!

Hi guys!

I set up a stall at The Pose Fair 2010, and have created a small pose set for it, which half of the proceeds will go to the charity, Motivation.

[ImpEle] Ledge Poses

Which makes them pose fair exclusive! If you want them, (and 50% will go to a great cause) visit by my booth at the fair and pick them up!

Remember that the fair opened recently, and is stil quite busy, so don't forget to take off your scripts before teleporting, to help out the scripted pose stands on the sim. :)

Pose fair runs until the 16th, so hurry hurry!

~~ Sai Pennell

[ImpEle]'s LM at The Pose Fair: Shisei (113, 50, 21)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dreams Poses & Repricing!

Hi guys!

First off - I've permanently lowered my pricing for my poses!

Single poses are now $35L, pose sets are now $350L, couple's poses are now $50L, discount single poses are $15L, and discount pose sets are $150L.

Also, several pose sets have been added to discount room, so come check them out, and a new build has been dropped in the store, which looks so much better than the last one!

[ImpEle] Dreams Poses

New today at [ImpEle] a new pose set I call Dreams. It's marked at the normal price from now on - L$350 for the set, or L$35 each. Made for fashion, or fashion blogging, but can be used for anything :D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Enchant Poses and October Picks Rewards!

Hi blog readers!

I hope you guys remember me - I've been dormant for a while, deling with RL, moving and such, but it has calmed down, and I'm not able to get back to my normal SL life. And that means new releases!

[ImpEle] Enchant Poses

The new pose set that I've been working on for like, the past 3 months - Enchant Poses. For normal fashion-inspired photos.

[ImpEle] October Picks Rewards

Also, I've decided to start making a little bit of furniture. I don't intend to make it all the time, just occasionally for picks rewards, or group gifts. This picks rewards is a dining room set, unposed and unscripted. Remember: if you've kept [ImpEle] in your picks, just come in and click the sign. If you've removed the store, come in, add to your picks, wait up to 24 hours and come in and click the sign :D

So, come on in and try out the new poses, and pick up the picks rewards!

Friday, August 14, 2009

50% Off Sale and August Picks Rewards

Hai, blog readers!

[ImpEle] 50% Off Sale - August

As some of you may have noticed, I've moved my store AGAIN. This will probably be the last time for a really long time. But, because its been tradition to hold a sale whenever I move, I've repriced the vendors to be sale prices. Normal poses are now $25L, couple's poses are $50L and discount poses are $12L, until August 22nd, 2009! Yes, this includes new releases as well. :D

So, come on in and grab all the poses you don't have yet. ^^

[ImpEle] August Picks Rewards

Little late on this, but I also have dropped in the new picks rewards for August. This month it's a really cute couple's pose that I call Twilight. :D If you don't have [ImpEle] in your picks, just drop by, add the location and come back in up to 24 hours and click the sign. If you already have [ImpEle] in your picks, you may need to update them for the new Holland location. Just delete and add again. :D

[ImpEle], Holland (94, 100, 25)) | XStreetSL | Flickr

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Allure Poses and July Picks Rewards

Hi blog readers!

As some of you may have seen - I dropped a new build that's more suited for summer, and is not so dark and dreary. With this build also came a new name for my store - Imperial Elegance is now being shortened to [ImpEle]. I hope this doesn't cause too many problems for my customers.

[ImpEle] Allure Poses

For July's release, I have the Allure pose set out - for fashion blogging, and fashion-inspired pictures. :D

[ImpEle] July Picks Rewards

The July picks rewards are "Fly Away" poses, which I think are great for summertime pictures. If you have ImpEle in your picks, just come in and touch the sign. If you've removed ImpEle (or still have the last location on the Glenn sim still up), you will need to come in and add to your picks again, wait 24-48 hours, then come back and touch the sign. ^^

I'm working on a couch prop with poses, hopefully to be set out in the middle of the month, and a group gift will be coming to my group members within the next week, so if you aren't a member - just subscribe by clicking the kiosk in the store!

[ImpEle], Taygete (168, 158, 25) | XStreetSL | Flickr

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Store, 50% Off Sale On ALL Poses

Hai, awesome people! I decided to move my store to a different sim, because the lag on the last sim was just terrible. So, I've dropped my build and set up on a plot of land that's twice the size. In celebration, I'm holding a 50% off sale on ALL poses!

The sale includes discounted poses, regular poses, couple's poses, and even the new releases! I've made it last until the end of May, to make sure everyone gets a chance to hit the sale. (XStreetSL items are not included in this sale) :D

Also, with the new sim - store cards are enabled once again, because it seems the store card bug doesn't effect this sim (yet?). So, those who have been hoarding store cards - you can come down and spend them now. ^^

I also have a new release, which is on the sale prices right now! They are called "Style Poses" - made for fashion blogging, vendor ads, or just normal photos.

Also, May brings a new picks rewards as well. I originally made these poses for a really fantastic boa I bought, so these will look fantastic with one. But, like the Style poses, they have unlimited uses. If you've kept IE in your picks from previous picks rewards, just come in and click the sign behind the desk. If you don't have Imperial Elegance in your picks, TP to the store, add to your picks, wait up to 24 hours, then come back and touch the sign to get your poses. ^^

So, stop by and check out all the poses you don't have yet. :D

Imperial Elegance, Taygete (168, 158, 25) | XStreetSL | Flickr